1 – My First Comic Strip

So here it is, the first of my new confessional webcomic where I out myself as a bit of a headcase… I’m planning on doing these fairly regularly – I hope to have at least a couple of posts a week up here. Feel free to contribute with your own comments, words of wisdom, experiences etc.

  1. Really enjoying these so far, finding them very relatable. I have experienced similar issues dealing with my epilepsy, and the anxiety that comes out of the fear of taking a seizure. Webcomics such as this and Arse Cancer are great in that Maus type way – personal themes explored in a very simple yet effective way.

  2. Cheers Gary, glad you’re enjoying them! Arse Cancer was a definite influence, as well as Neil Slorrance’ Nine Lines of Metro and Colin’s webcomics. It’s something I’ve considered a lot in the past, but always as fiction. As soon as I decided to do it on this, I knew it was the right choice 🙂

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