3 – Magical substances engineered in labs

“I like to keep people informed. Full disclosure, no matter the consequences!” Grant Mazzy, lead character in ‘Pontypool’, one of the absolutely best horror films I’ve ever seen, and one of one favourite films.

This is a difficult post given the content, but there’s no point in doing this if I’m going to pull punches. It was interesting drawing this – I experienced an infinitely refracted anxiety loop – anxious about drawing a strip about anxiety…

Anyway, while this is a potentially contentious subject for some, it’s my belief that we have the situation we have in the UK regarding drugs because all those hundreds of thousands of kids who take drugs edit it out of their clean-living realities when they reach adulthood. If everyone, and I mean everyone, admitted that they got caned when they were younger, I think we’d have to do something about the fact that a lot of us do it, did it, have done it, whatever.

One more post to come this week dudes and dudettes, you’ll get that tomorrow. Wanted to get a bunch of ’em out there while the creativity’s flowing. Thanks for checking in, hope you’re still enjoying it, and remember to feel free to contribute your comments, messages etc.

  1. Craig said:

    I think you just created Anxinception with your anxiety loop! 😉 keep up the amazing work on this Garry, I’m glued to it – so different from every web comic out there.

    • “Anxinception”! Love it 🙂 Thanks Craig, glad you’re enjoying it – doing something like this, I hoped it wouldn’t come off as worthy or whatever – I wanted it be honest, but enjoyable!

  2. keirensmith said:

    Omigosh–I know SO many people who will ingest anything BUT Big Pharma meds!! I know one who wouldn’t even take acetaminophen… had to explain that pot can’t solve everything! It’s overwhelming to someone coming in to the use of these things for the first time though–you read all the talk about the “lifestyle” drugs and their overuse/overprescribing, how doctors are all just making a fortune by prescribing them (although that doesn’t happen in Canada, and my doctor refuses free samples–don’t know if it’s a problem in Scotland?). We stalled forever on giving our one kid meds for his AD/HD thinking we were just giving in to a fake Big Pharma-created trend…then when we did, his life was transformed. He couldn’t believe it…so when one of our other kids had a nervous breakdown and was diagnosed with severe Anxiety Disorder, we jumped on the meds, “Yes!! He’ll be taking those!” Couldn’t live our lives without them (although as a teenager, he goes off ’em all the time, which is exhausting)

    • Thanks for the comment Keiren, it’s interesting to hear another side of it… The thing with “lifestyle drugs” really doesn’t seem to be such an issue in Scotland. Rates of prescription of things like Ritalin *seem* to be lower, or perhaps it just hasn’t become such a media story yet. But I understand that fear factor, and I know a lot of folk who feel the same.

      I think for me, there was the Big Pharma thing, but also I suppose that feeling that if I went to a doc and got prescribed something, that was it, I was mental! 🙂 Whereas if I got dodgy recreational pharmaceuticals, that was me ‘experimenting’ and making my own choices. Which isn’t to say I no longer believe that, by the way!

      I think we get to where we need to be *when* we need to be sometimes… I took the long circuitous route. Like I said, petulant 🙂

      Glad to hear the meds have helped both the kids – such a shame that it’s so prevalent though. I wonder if folk have been experiencing this kind of thing forever and we’ve just been keeping quiet about it? As a society, I mean…

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