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Okay, okay, so today’s post is a bit mawkish, but y’all have got to know this – if it wasn’t for me being in a relationship with Mitch, I’m not sure I’d be getting help right now for my anxiety.

He’s a pretty quiet and unassuming guy in public, so you may not know this, but he’s one of the most wickedly funny people I’ve ever met, and he’s also one of the most laid back and cool. He doesn’t put any expectations on me, which is a refreshing change, and it’s because we’ve got such a relaxed and groovy partnership that I feel I’ve got enough support to really try and deal with my issues.

He’s also a writer and artist in his own right: his main concern is video game design, but he’s also dabbling in comic book scripting and has taken part in Nanowrimo and Script Frenzy, as well as the Scottish Game Jam. He’s currently working on his first indie game, “Apartmental”, which is going to be awesome. He hopes to have some concept pieces for it up soon. Have a look at his blog and feel free to say “Hai Mitsh!”

(…and yes, thank you for noticing – I do have very long arms in this episode!)


First post of the week is a little different, but normal service will resume soon!

Just got my first appointment to see the head shrink – it’s on 6th August, so I’ll be on the meds right through then. Meanwhile, I’m hoping that I start to see some positive changes – I’ve gone from outright anxiety to complete demotivation over the last week. I planned to get lots of work done, then didn’t, then felt guilty, then got even more demotivated :O

So today, I’m going to take it one thing at a time, and try not to be too hard on myself.

Anyway, this post is like my little list of hopes and dreams, but acknowledging that all that can’t just come from a pill…

The answer to that was: yes, I am 🙂

It’s always intrigued me how bullies seem to have been taught at a young age to spot gay kids before they even know it themselves… Whatever training they get for that could probably be put to much better use; like, say, helping to identify young gay kids who might need extra support to deal with bullying pricks…

Anyway, this post was inspired by Stonewall’s findings that 99% of kids in school hear homophobic language, and almost a quarter of gay kids have tried to take their own life. As someone who used to volunteer for the Samaritans, I know first hand how damaging that can be and, if I’m being honest, I’ve experienced suicidal feelings myself, as a teenager.

The worst part of this story for me is that a quarter of young gay people, and a third in faith schools, reported that teachers don’t challenge homophobic language.

I’ve had this argument with people in the past – some folk talk about political correctness and the ‘PC’ brigade, but ultimately you don’t know who’s hearing your words, and what they’re going through. Every time a young gay person hears the word ‘gay’ used disparagingly, it crushes them, and makes them feel like it’s going to be ever harder to integrate and enjoy the same life as their peers. So if you hear it, please ask folk to stop it…

Here’s the link to the article:

Last post for this week. It’s been a really interesting first week – I literally had no idea I’d be doing this until Tuesday. Sometimes you just have to throw yourself into things and see what happens.

I’ve been really encouraged to see a lot of folk enjoying it, and I hope it gives some people heart to know that others experience what they’re experiencing.

It’s really interesting just how many comic creators out there have contacted me to say they experience similar issues – it makes me wonder if this is way more prevalent that we think in society, or if creative folk have a higher incidence of anxiety. Maybe we use art as a means of communicating with a scary world? Maybe it’s our way of decoding the world around is into symbols we can deal with in an easier way…

See you next week.

“I like to keep people informed. Full disclosure, no matter the consequences!” Grant Mazzy, lead character in ‘Pontypool’, one of the absolutely best horror films I’ve ever seen, and one of one favourite films.

This is a difficult post given the content, but there’s no point in doing this if I’m going to pull punches. It was interesting drawing this – I experienced an infinitely refracted anxiety loop – anxious about drawing a strip about anxiety…

Anyway, while this is a potentially contentious subject for some, it’s my belief that we have the situation we have in the UK regarding drugs because all those hundreds of thousands of kids who take drugs edit it out of their clean-living realities when they reach adulthood. If everyone, and I mean everyone, admitted that they got caned when they were younger, I think we’d have to do something about the fact that a lot of us do it, did it, have done it, whatever.

One more post to come this week dudes and dudettes, you’ll get that tomorrow. Wanted to get a bunch of ’em out there while the creativity’s flowing. Thanks for checking in, hope you’re still enjoying it, and remember to feel free to contribute your comments, messages etc.