17 Thingummybob


So, awkward moment number 34,765… I know, I know; we’ve all done it, right?

‘Cept I do it all the time. I can never remember folks’ names. Turns out anxiety causes Really Bad Memory. It’s because the anxious mind starts panicking that it’ll forget something before it’s even tried to remember, and so it ends up forgetting…

Self fulfilling prophecy much?

Off to therapy now – I’ll be taking notes! Here’s hoping it all goes smoothly – or, depending on your point of view of the blog, here’s hoping it’s filled with awkward moments that I can report back on 🙂

  1. Glyn Evans said:

    I demand more awkward moments!!!

    Don’t bother going to therapy and getting everything sorted, fella – cos then I’ll have nothing to read that makes me feel better about myself… C’maaaaaaaan, stay mental and keep doing great strips like these. I’ll say it again:

    I demand more awkward moments!!!

    • Man, you win the prize for my favourite comic yet – for you, frater, I’ll stay mental 🙂

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