20 – Back Together

Remember last Monday when I asked everyone to share and RT the blog so I could get to 2000 views? Well it happened really quickly, and this morning I woke to find that we’re now sitting at THREE THOUSAND!

This is insane – it’s mad to think that so many people have read the posts! I’m still interested in keeping changing it and trying new things out, hence the “splash page” today, and next week I plan to try something a little bit different again.

I suppose today’s strip is a play on “pull yourself together”, and also the feeling I’ve had a lot over the last couple of weeks of real lethargy – memory shot, no energy, trying to convince myself to get up and do stuff that needs done. It’s like all the relevant bits of you are there, nearby, but they’re kind of scattered, and you’ve lost the energy to bring them back into some coherent whole.

Luckily I’ve got a little self awareness, and I tend to see these things symbolically too. In shamanic cultures, the proto-shaman undergoes a vision quest where they are often pulled apart and have to reconstitute themselves. The process of recombining is usually completed with the addition of a sacred object i.e. something new they’ve learned about themselves.

While this is an initiatory process, most scholars and practitioners in magic and mysticism agree that initiation doesn’t happen once in a lifetime, but often. So I see these moments of dissolution and fragmentation as an opportunity to “pull myself together” with the addition of some new insight or sense of self.

As for this time around – if I discover what that insight is, I’ll be sure to share… ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S. Remember to contact me if you want to do a guest post – I’ve had some interest already so it could be really great to see other folks’ take on this issue. Just drop me a comment or email me at: info@cosmicdesigns.co.uk.

  1. Kat said:

    Thanks for this one Garry – as I liein bed still at 5pm and wonder what the hell I’m not doing with my life! Hopefully I’ll have my own pieces reconnected soon also…

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