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Remember last Monday when I asked everyone to share and RT the blog so I could get to 2000 views? Well it happened really quickly, and this morning I woke to find that we’re now sitting at THREE THOUSAND!

This is insane – it’s mad to think that so many people have read the posts! I’m still interested in keeping changing it and trying new things out, hence the “splash page” today, and next week I plan to try something a little bit different again.

I suppose today’s strip is a play on “pull yourself together”, and also the feeling I’ve had a lot over the last couple of weeks of real lethargy – memory shot, no energy, trying to convince myself to get up and do stuff that needs done. It’s like all the relevant bits of you are there, nearby, but they’re kind of scattered, and you’ve lost the energy to bring them back into some coherent whole.

Luckily I’ve got a little self awareness, and I tend to see these things symbolically too. In shamanic cultures, the proto-shaman undergoes a vision quest where they are often pulled apart and have to reconstitute themselves. The process of recombining is usually completed with the addition of a sacred object i.e. something new they’ve learned about themselves.

While this is an initiatory process, most scholars and practitioners in magic and mysticism agree that initiation doesn’t happen once in a lifetime, but often. So I see these moments of dissolution and fragmentation as an opportunity to “pull myself together” with the addition of some new insight or sense of self.

As for this time around – if I discover what that insight is, I’ll be sure to share… ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S. Remember to contact me if you want to do a guest post – I’ve had some interest already so it could be really great to see other folks’ take on this issue. Just drop me a comment or email me at:



Pretty much speak for itself, I assume!

So I’m interested in doing a guest post feature – I’d be stoked to receive examples of your own strips that cover the same topic, and I’ll post a monthly or fortnightly guest post.

If you’re interested, it needs to be black & white or greyscale, A5-ish in size and dimension, and has to cover either your own similar experiences, and those you’ve encountered through people around you. Send examples to, and I’ll get back to you. Cheers!


Hooray! Looks like things aren’t about to get any less awkward any time soon!

Actually, therapy wasn’t awkward at all, it was just me freaking out before it… The session itself was just kind of get-to-know and info gathering, but my therapist seems really nice, and I’m looking forward to getting started properly…

So I promised a wee extra today for everyone who RT’d and shared yesterday to help me get over 2000 views. Aren’t you all lucky you ended up with a crappy animation of me waving? ๐Ÿ˜›

I ended yesterday on 2,139 views, and had my busiest ever day, with 243 views! Considering I’ve been doing the blog for just a month, I’m gobsmacked at the amount of visitors…

When I decided to make a webcomic about my anxiety, I honestly had no idea anyone would read it – I really thought that my closest comic book pals would read it a few times, and that it would quickly run out of steam, but instead I’ve been encouraged to keep going, to keep with the regular 3-days-a-week posting, and to try and sharpen the art and keep it interesting.

Even more than that though, it’s given me an outlet for some of my problems and concerns without it feeling too self-centred – from the beginning, I’ve had LOADS of folk tell me that they’re feeling the same way, or have done, or have tried medication or whatever. It’s been a way of communicating with people and talking about things that we’ve never openly discussed before, and that’s fantastic.

I’ve got some interesting plans up my sleeve for the future, including the appearance of more (and hopefully better!) animations, as well as guest strips from folk I know, discussing their own experiences. I hope that all you new viewers out there will stay with me and spread the word!

One final thing: if you haven’t read the webcomic ‘Jonbot vs Martha’, then shame on you, and you should go there right now! There’s a link to the right. ‘Jonbot vs Martha’ has definitely been the biggest influence on me starting my own webcomic – Colin Bell who writes and Neil Slorance who draws have really shown us all how it’s done – regular posts, always on time, ever refining art and scripting, willing to take chances with style, moving from gag strips to storylines – it’s fantastic to watch it evolve and even though I know them both, I can say without a word of a lie that it’s my favourite webcomic. So don’t make me gush for no reason: go check it out!



So, awkward moment number 34,765… I know, I know; we’ve all done it, right?

‘Cept I do itย all the time. I canย never remember folks’ names. Turns out anxiety causes Really Bad Memory. It’s because the anxious mind starts panicking that it’ll forget something before it’s even tried to remember, and so it ends up forgetting…

Self fulfilling prophecy much?

Off to therapy now – I’ll be taking notes! Here’s hoping it all goes smoothly – or, depending on your point of view of the blog, here’s hoping it’s filled with awkward moments that I can report back on ๐Ÿ™‚


…and you know what? Even though I’ve got an anxious belly this morning, I’m still feeling pretty motivated. Here’s hoping it lasts for a while! This might not seem like the most exciting or productive day by the way, but after the way I’ve felt for a couple of weeks, I was a whirlwind of activity…

Prepare for a double post today – one of my political/critical ones on its way this afternoon or tomorrow.

Start therapy on Monday, so be prepared for next week’s strips to take on a slightly different tone ๐Ÿ™‚