Pecodramo!! Day One

Be prepared….


…for something a little different.

Colin Bell (Jonbot vs Martha/Detective Spacecat/Gentleman geek) decided that instead of Nanowrimo, Novel Writing Month, he’d do Personal Comic Drawing Month, or something. I decide to join in. He probably thinks I’ve not been doing it, but he’s wrong, wrong I tells ya!!

I’m a little behind in posting them, but today you’re getting a deluge of the first three days of my PeCoDraMo strip – “In the World of the Durdleburg”.

I’ve decided to keep posting these in SSRI because, well, I hope they’re something interesting! They’ll be tagged separately though, should you wish to follow the strips individually. You might not, you know. Not after you read it.

(Oh and expect to see ‘Gizmo’ more often; it’s a contraction of ‘Garrymeaux’ and I quite like it as an alias…)

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